Livorno is not just a gateway to Tuscany, but a city to be discovered and experienced that cannot fail to captivate and surprise...

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Here is a brief description of the main annual events that take place in the Livorno area. Visit the events' websites for further information.

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Discover Livornese gastronomic traditions with our "Food Trails": Torta di Ceci, 5&5, Cacciucco and Ponce.

Flag Blue

Once again in 2017 the city of Livorno was awarded the prestigious "Blue Flag".

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Livorno offers a wide range of sports, recreational and leisure activities.



3 dicembre 2017 - 4 febbraio 2018

World of Dinosaurs

Dove: Parco Villa Mimbelli

Indirizzo: Via San Jacopo in Acquaviva, 65

“WORLD OF DINOSAURS”, la più spettacolare esposizione itinerante d'Europa, ritorna a Livorno.

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january 19, 2018


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