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Discover Livorno

Terrazza Mascagni

Founded by the Medici and given city status in 1606, Livorno became a haven for those persecuted for their religion, race or politics. The many Foreign Nations which settled in the city brought with them a wealth of entrepreneurship and customs . The original character of this lively and well-connected city can be experienced by walking through its streets and admiring testimonies of three different religions, by tasting one of the typical dishes (Cacciucco, Red Mullet alla Livornese, and the celebrated rum-based Ponce) which reflect Livorno's position as a crossroads in the Mediterranean, or by enjoying a boat trip along the Medici Canals, following the old pentagonal perimeter, sailing past the 16th-century pink-hued fortress and into the historic district known as the Venezia Nuova, built on the water. Livorno is inextricably tied to the sea which forms an integral part of city life, from the lovely seafront walk with its gardens, sweet-smelling plants, and cafés - inspiration to well-known painters - , to its elegant bathing lidos, and the port and its related activities.
The artistic heritage of Livorno's 17th- and 18th-century churches,  its splendid villas - fine examples of Art-Nouveau architecture - where figures of international fame regularly stayed - , and the very fact that it was the birthplace of Amedeo Modigliani, Pietro Mascagni, Giovanni Fattori, and Francesco Domenico Guerrazzi, make the city a place to be discovered.