20th September Square

This tree-lined rectangular square takes its name from the day when Rome was occupied during the wars for the Italian unity. In the middle of the square is the statue of the Grand Duke Leopold II, by the sculptor Paolo Emilio Demi. Originally this statue was placed in Republic Square but it was damaged during the riots of May 1849, so it had to be moved into the old port. Here it remained till 1958 when it was moved into 20th September Square. The marble monument has a basement adorned by a bas-relief by the sculptor Enrico Mirandoli, on which is the statue of Leopold II, wearing a toga, with the typical Roman sandals and his head crowned an with oak garland. This public square was famous because since after the Second World War it housed a vary famous market known for selling original American products, that now is placed instead near the marine Terminal. On the north side of the square is the church of Saint Benedict, erected in honour of Benedetto Fagiuoli. This church is characterized by a dome and from the outside by Ionic columns; it was also the church where Pietro Mascagni played the organ when he was young.

Films shot in the area: Il baco da seta, 1974, M. Sequi; Oh mia bella matrigna, 1976, G. Leoni.