Benedetto Brin

The Naval Academy of Livorno stands on the area previously occupied by the lazarettos of Saint Jacob and Saint Leopold. This Academy was born after the Unification of Italy, from the fusion of the Navy school of Genoa and the Navy school of Naples and it was inaugurated on November 6th 1881. On the north side of the Academy is the big square where is positioned Saint Jacob Church, one of the most peculiar Church in Livorno for its position by the sea and of its ancient origins as it is testified by the underground crypt. The walls of the Academy house a marble statue of the Grand Duke Pietro Leopoldo that was inside of the old lazaretto. On the opposite side, in a little triangular square, is the statue of Benedetto Brin, a marine engineer from Turin, First Lord of the Admiralty and a supporter of the Naval Academy of Livorno. This statue was built by the sculptor Raffaello Romanelli, unveiled in 1903 and placed till 1929 in the rectangular square in front of Pancaldi establishments. The statue has a rose granite basement with ornaments linked to the Navy. Among them are visible a rudder and an anchor, a bronze bas-relief representing the launch of a ship, and on the top a bronze book with a compass, the symbol of engineering, and the bust of Benedetto Brin.

Films shot in the area: Cuori sul mare, 1949, G. Bianchi; Enrico Caruso, 1951, G. Gentilomo; Ragazze al mare, 1954, G. Biagetti; Senza sapere niente di lei, 1969, L. Comencini; Per questa notte, 1977, C. Di Carlo; Mak Pigreco100, 1986, A. Bido; L’amore ritrovato, 2004, C. Mazzacurati.