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Thanks to its mild, temperate climate, the city of Livorno offers plenty of opportunities for a wide range of sports and recreational activities.
The Natural Park of the Tuscan Archipelago, situated off the coast of Livorno, is an excellent sailing ground, while Livorno's unspoilt coastline and seabed represent an ideal environment for divers.
Just a stone's throw from the coast and the city centre is the Parco delle Colline Livornesi, an area of natural park that provides a perfect setting for horse-riding, walking and cycling, as well as for exploring places of architectural and historical interest such as the Colognole Aqueduct, the Cisternino (old water cistern) at Pian di Rota, the Sambuca hermitage, dating back to medieval times, and the ancient hamlet of Valle Benedetta.

Recreational activities in Livorno 

A - Windsurfing
This widely practised water sport can be carried out by hiring the necessary equipment or by signing up for one of various courses, available for groups or individuals.

B - Surfing
The seabed along Livorno's coastline is also ideal for traditional surfing. Equipment hire and short courses are available

C - Canoeing
Canoe hire is available by the hour, half or full day. Besides providing good physical exercise, canoeing is a good way to see the coast from a different perspective.

D - Walking
Guided half-day, full-day or weekend walks are available in the Livorno area and in the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago.

E - Cycling
You can cycle along Livorno's seafront or in the Livornese hills. Cycle hire is available by the hour, or for a half or full day.

F - Diving
The seabed around Livorno, especially along the Romito cliffs and around the Meloria and the island of Capraia, represent an unlimited resource for divers: from red coral to lobsters, as well as many species of fish and nudibranchs. Livorno's diving centres offer exciting and easy-access dives from special boats. Divers can dive by day and night, and first-time dives are also possible.

G - Snorkelling Trips
Observing the seabed using snorkelling equipment is an increasingly popular activity. Equipment hire is available, as are guided snorkelling tours and half-day and full-day courses.

H - Fishing Trips and Sport Fishing
Fishing trips can be organised where passengers fish from a hired boat with crew, for a half or full day. Lunch is usually included. Sport fishing is instead usually done at specially organised lakes.

I - Sailing
This very popular sport makes it possible to enjoy life at sea and explore the many enchanting corners of the Tuscan Archipelago. Boats can be hired, with or without crew, for daily, weekend, or longer trips. Individual and group sailing courses are available, as are courses for regattas and deep-sea sailing.

L - Motor boat Trips
Motor boat trips include day or evening excursions along the coast, to the Meloria, or the islands of Capraia and Gorgona. Trips of several days can also be organised to all the other islands in the Tuscan Archipelago. A lunch of fresh fish is served on board. School trips with a marine biology theme can also be arranged.

M - Horse Riding
For horse and nature lovers, horse riding trails are available in the area. Lessons by qualified instructors are also possible.

N - Archery
Practising archery combines an opportunity to spend time in a natural environment, while exercising your skills of concentration. A very relaxing sport.

O - Clay Pigeon Shooting
The traditional art of shooting at flying targets with a shotgun.