"Scoglio della Regina" Bathing Establishient

The elegant bathing establishment “Scoglio della Regina” was built in 1846 by Carbone Squarci on a concession granted by Grand-Duke Leopoldo II.

The name derives from the Queen of Etruria, Maria Luisa of Bourbon, who at the beginning of the nineteenth century chose this isolated rock for her sea-bathes, and had a swimming pool built with four channels laid out in a cross to allow the sea water to flow in and out.
During the nineteenth century Livorno had become a famous summer holiday resort frequented by illustrious personalities. In addition to Queen Maria Luisa, the king and princes of the House of Savoy and other European royal houses were frequent visitors to Livorno.
The establishment, built in 1846 by Carbone Squarci, and which occupied the entire block, was linked to the land by a pier to allow access by carriage.