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Ciao Livorno, the first and only app about Livorno made by locals for tourists

Take the opportunity to discover a beatiful Mediterranean town out of the traditional itineraries, enjoy the relaxed seaside atmosphere and forget the clichéd destinations like Pisa, Lucca, Florence crowded by tourists and expensive to reach. Just hop off your cruise, train or car and download Ciao Livorno, that will give you the same value of a professional guided day excursion with the added value of freedom, time and savings.

Ciao Livorno is what you have always asked from a tourist guide – the privilege of discovering a travel destination as if guided by a proud local, eager to walk you through the most precious corners of his hometown.

Hidden picturesque spots, taverns with real Tuscan typical food, perspectives over the town only people who have lived here all their lives know of... Ciao Livorno is a compendium of valuable TIPS that will make your stay here incredibly more easy and enjoyable than any other guide or app on the market.

The most useful and appreciated feature of this app is a set of 8 tours designed expressly for those that choose to slow down and spend one or more relaxing days in town to benefit from the sun, shops and food. Ciao Livorno helps you organize your day and schedule your time in the most comfortable way providing walking time and distance for each of the suggested itineraries that are broken down into segments for even more flexibility. Simply check the map to go from one to the next one, mixing various activities: relaxation, culture, shopping...


200% more info than Google Maps

  • 8 tours with walking time and distance
  • 17 MUST SEEs
  • 180 places of interest
  • 815 shops and services
  • 30 free beaches and accesses to the sea
  • FREE Wi-Fi hotspots